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With the rising levels of competition for the best university places and graduate jobs, it is easy to feel like you should be doing more to secure your child's future. All our tutors are screened and interviewed with one criteria in mind; that they themselves have succeeded. We only connect your child to tutors who have obtained stellar grades, top university places and have passed stringent background checks. We know that they are best placed to make sure that your child follows in their footsteps. 



Transparent, merit-based pricing

Trying to find the best tutor can be a difficult experience. There can be a variety of per hour rates and you never know how good that person really is. We have thrown that old model away. Students rate their experiences with a tutor and that tutor's pricing adjusts over time, based purely on previous sessions. With Lectus you know exactly what what you are paying for, and the best part is that you only pay for the help needed in minutes. 


Stringent background checks

Although your child never meets one of our tutors in person, we still make sure that safety is a top priority. With that in mind, we interview all prospective tutors, check all official identity documents,  confirm university standings and carry out criminal checks at the highest level (enhanced DBS).


Safe data

All of your billing information is processed by Stripe, one of the largest and most established online payments providers in the world. 


It's an easy four-step process


1. Select a subject.


2. Pick a tutor.

3. Connect! Calls under one minute are on us.


4. Rate your experience.


User-friendly, on the go experience


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